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My purpose is to teach you lessons in Increasing odds, improve quality of life, lessen side effects and have fun through treatment.

My purpose is to teach you lessons in Increasing odds, improve quality of life, lessen side effects and have fun through treatment.  My daughter is in her eighth year of survival and her treatment was pretty rough. But by using every possible tool, working closely with our oncology team and doing what I call “stacking the cards in our favor.” We got through it and Kayla ended up doing really well. The first very tough year of treatment looked like the odds were impossible. Yet, here we still are. I’d really like that to be the same for you.  Below is our introduction.

What do you say about a major medical diagnosis on a child that is seven-years-old? When hearing the word leukemia – terror ran through my veins, so much so, that I ran out of the room howling. I thought for sure a leukemia diagnosis was an automatic death sentence. Prior I had lost two adult friends to leukemia and that is all that I knew about it.

After I came to my senses I decided to use every tool possible to address this medical situation from every angle possible. It struck me as if I was in a war that I had to win…

Luckily for me, my mother was way ahead of her time and followed a very famous author who wrote at least five best sellers regarding health and maintaining excellent health. Her name was Adele Davis and she is considered the key person to enlighten North America on diet and vitamins in the late 60’s and early 70’s. She is the person who first educated people on the importance of diet and vitamins. As a result I grew up taking vitamins and natural remedies long before these became mainstream. By the time I gained adulthood I had studied a voluminous amount of books on diet, health, natural remedies, exercise and vitamins. With use over the years I learned what worked on myself, friends and family. Thankfully, I was armed with this knowledge before cancer came into our lives.

When Kayla was first diagnosed I spent many hours on the computer every night at the hospital. Many nights I cried in frustration due to the lack of real answers.  When she was released from hospital, I was on Amazon ordering many books for my mission. Yes, that is what I called it – my mission – to get us through treatment with as little damage as possible. I wanted real answers that worked from people who had been through this road. Unfortunately very few answers existed at that time. Literally it was like a needle in a haystack to find workable solutions that our oncology team would approve.

These answers were found through nurses, medical doctors, oncologists, chiropractors, documentaries, medical passwords to medical websites, other patients, survivors, nutritionists, countless books and literally a couple thousand hours in about four months of intense study and research.

The above research culminated in a key formula that got us through cancer. First rule was to use chemo as directed and follow ALL medical advice closely, while also learning how to get approval from our Oncologists for vitamins and other valid therapies.  We had to figure out what things worked for Kayla specifically.  We had to test things out.

P1010323_2Contrary to popular opinion we are NOT all the same hence the need for your own investigations with trials and errors just like a true scientist.

Additionally it is my belief that medical plus alternative and comprehensive therapies, is the best possible marriage to get through ANY dire medical situation.  Yes, there are answers out there that definitely help but there are also charlatans that make wild cure claims while trying to steal as much of your money as they can. Hopefully this website helps you wade through these areas armed with more information to help you make the best decision for your situation.

Eventually I was able to lessen terrible side effects which then improved my daughters quality of life. This was my total focus for over three years!

Here you will find a website of all the “what and how’s” that Kayla’s and I used to get through treatment. We used all possible avenues to:

1. Improve quality of life by many different means.

2. Lessen side effects of chemo.

3. Have fun in life despite treatment.

4. Learn how to be positive no matter what!

These are the four rules that guided me through treatment and improved quality of life.

I want to share these with you throughout this website.

Best Wishes and Most Sincerely from all of us,

Deb, Kayla and Bill Witter

P.S. the wheelchair photo is from 2008. Kayla is now an 8 year survivor.


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