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My purpose is to teach you lessons in Increasing odds, improve quality of life, lessen side effects and have fun through treatment.

My purpose is to teach you lessons on increasing odds, improving quality of life, lessening side effects and having fun throughout treatment.  No matter what your age or type of cancer these are the important factors for getting through treatment.

My daughter is in her eighth year of survival and her treatment was pretty rough. But by using every possible tool, working closely with our oncology team and doing what I call “stacking the cards in our favor.” We got through it and Kayla ended up doing really well. The first very tough year of treatment looked like the odds were impossible. Yet, here we still are. I’d really like that to be the same for you.

P1010323_2Best Wishes and Most Sincerely from all of us,

Deb, Kayla and Bill Witter

P.S. the wheelchair photo is from 2008. Kayla is now an 8 year survivor.

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