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Alternatives with Chemo
Correct Carpet Cleaning

Alternatives with Chemo

These drugs are taking their toll! Kayla is very pale, listless and tired. Yesterday I tried to get her interested in arts & crafts, and for the first time ever, she said no.

Today I have to give her the weekly antibiotics even though these kept her blood counts down for three weeks in a row. Because her counts were low they had me stop giving her the antibiotic. One missed weekend and her counts went up to 2800. I am so bummed that I have to give her the antibiotic and the result is her feeling more beat up. A plus from the low counts is that the antibiotics went from being administered three days a week reducing to two days a week.  This is how they will be administered for the rest of her treatment. Yay, one less day is excellent.

We are going to take Kayla to a Chinese Doctor who is a trained medical doctor as well as trained in traditional Chinese medicine. I’d try anything to make her road through cancer easier, ANYTHING!

When I spoke to Doctor S., today, to try and get approval to see the Chinese doctor, she voiced her concern over needles and increased risk of infection. I let her know that I did not think Kayla would go for more needles anyway and would not push her to do that. Interestingly Dr. S, then asked me why do you do all of this stuff?  “Well if someone told me to hang crystals in the window at a certain time, and make sure Kayla lays on the bed with the rays of the sun hitting her body once they have passed through the crystal, do you think I would do it? Hell yes, sounds crazy but I feel that I have to take measures to help Kayla get through this, whatever it takes. The treatment is very hard and the soldier has to be supported by whatever means necessary.”  The doctor looked at me with surprise and understanding. We agreed no needles and she gave me her approval to go to the Chinese doctor. Honestly, I think I won her respect that day. Too many parents of patients just leave everything to the medical team. They are no proactive in general with regards to the health of their child and laying all responsibility with the medical team. In reality it does not work that way. They would feel relief and help by having parents proactive on many levels. It was very noticeable that my husband and I were not the norm. We were actually an oddity. All of us that are very proactive stick out.  That is sad.

Before we left the house I gave Kayla 100 mgs of CoQ10 and I’d swear she looked and felt better almost immediately. Kayla’s oncologist approved the COQ10 because I copied information from the book Comprehensive Cancer Care by James Gordon, M.D., and Sharon Curtin. Doctor Gordon, (author of Comprehensive Cancer Care), recommends COQ10 for cancer patients and gives data from studies showing COQ10 had remarkable results.

Another parent gave me some good tips for cancer, i.e., if you are in the hospital and the chemo won’t clear, this means you can’t leave. She said that fruit juices of any kind help to flush the chemo from the patients body. Interesting. She also advised that pickles worked wonders to alleviate mouth sore pain.  Just nibbling on any kind of pickle helps.  Who would have thought of that?  We ended up having a whole conversation about this. I just love getting tips from cancer veterans. They are like being given precious jewels.





Correct Carpet Cleaning

Thursday May 1st, 2008

The only item that has not been thoroughly cleaned in our house is the carpet in Kayla’s room. As you know cleanliness is a very high priority. Unfortunately carpets are very unhygienic, harboring all sorts of fungi, bacteria, dust, mites, and who knows what else. Finally I am going to attack the carpet and get it thoroughly clean.

Her room is not large, probably 12 x 11. I decided that I wanted to do the carpet because a hired company will not go over the carpet repeatedly like I will.  Plus, there’s a way to rent a carpet cleaning machine and get your carpets super clean. I use an enzyme cleaner that is natural with no added soaps or fragrance and made specifically for carpets. I use that with distilled white vinegar and water. Soaps and all that other stuff are not good because they leave residues on carpet fibers. Fragrances and chemicals also leave residues that are not needed, nor are they healthy. Instead I like to use white distilled vinegar mixed into the container of water. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant with the pH helping to keep colors in the carpet bright. Used as a rinse in laundry it will revive dull fabric.  Enzymes break down different types of dirt, releasing them from carpet fibers. That the three major cleaners, water, white vinegar, and enzymes. Pretty simple. Enzymes are a cap full or as otherwise directed on container. Vinegar should be at least a full cup to one tank of water. Here is a link to a natural enzyme cleaner that has hundreds of good reviews.

When I clean the carpet, repeatedly going over an area. The water that gets sucked back up into the machine will get dirtier and dirtier. I dump it out and add clean water, vinegar and enzyme cleaner and continue cleaning. This is repeated over and over in one section at a time, until the water coming into the machine is and looks as clean as water from your faucet. Then you move onto the next section and repeat the same repetitions, section by section until the carpet is thoroughly cleaned.  It took me all afternoon to get the carpet completely clean as described. The difference was beautiful. The carpet looked as if it was just installed.

Seeing the totally clear water gave me peace of mind.

My next project of the day is to try and figure out some of the prescriptions and how to administer them so that Kayla is not experiencing such stomach distress.

I had to wait until later in the day to go to our pharmacy and speak to the pharmacist about Prevacid and steroids. We are still having major problems and I need professional help. His directions were as follows; on an empty stomach take the Prevacid. Wait one hour, eat food and make sure some dairy is consumed, and then take the steroids. We shall see if this helps.

It is great going to the local drug store and getting free advice. The best time to go is late at night when they are not busy and then the pharmacist will spend a lot of time explaining things. Our CVS pharmacy is almost around the corner from us and the pharmacist has been so very nice to me. Its been such a blessing I cannot tell you.  If you are in a similar situation check out your local pharmacy and talk to the pharmacist. You could have a hidden jewel right in your neighborhood who is willing to help.




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