Ionizing Radiation

The ugly conclusion that cancer is now a 21st-century plague.

by Mina O’shea

I want you to look at these two maps that are reflections of Cancer in the United states. The first map is from 1950 to 1954.  Notice the number of deaths was around 500,000. 


This second map was taken from the same government website and records data from 1970 to 1994. There are no maps for current dates. 


The second map was modified to show blue dots representing nuclear power plants.  Notice how red most of the states are compared to the first map. These are also darker where there are nuclear power plants.  The death rate increased from half a million to over 5 million. See how the states that have no nuclear power are a lighter color?  This means less cancer.  And they say that nuclear has no connection to cancer.  Truth is that every county with a nuclear reactor has higher than national averages of cancer within a radius of 100 miles from the reactor.  I even verified this by going to each county with reactors and checking the cancer statistics.  Here’s why. 


This is an illustration of  venting.  The pink flowing out contains over 1400 radioactive particles that we cannot see, feel or smell.  These particles are very dangerous to our health.  Our government and nuclear agencies lie to us every time you hear that nuclear is clean energy.  It looks clean when in fact it is far dirtier than any other form of energy we are using.  Poisoning our air, water and soil. 

When these particles pass through our body they cause damage to our DNA setting the stage for mutation.  A mutation is a genetic change.  Cancer in all forms could be looked at as a mutation – the cells are doing something they are not supposed to do.

It should be noted that every single scientists who has tried to come out and warn the public against nuclear power, has had their reputation and work ruined.  This pattern of attacking scientists has gone on since 1945 when the original inventors of atomic energy had second thoughts about their terrible invention, the nuclear bomb.

Learning the Truth

The first step is to gain knowledge. Media makes this subject very confusing intentionally. 

A great book on this subject that reads like a novel is  Killing Our Own by 51nVhnQYgcL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_Wasserman and Solomon.  Available through for just a couple of dollars.

This book takes you through time from 1945 through to present day.  Once you read this, you will never be taken in by present day propaganda on nuclear again.  Find out who started confusing us on this subject and when. It is all here in one easy to read book.

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Atomic Harvest: Hanford and the Lethal Toll of America’s Nuclear Arsenal Hardcover – October 19, 1993

by Michael D’Antonio 514E5Bu1e7L._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_

“Atomic Harvest is just terrific. It is not only an important book, but one that is wonderfully engaging to read. Michael D’Antonio has told the tale of life and death, both in the past and quite possibly in the future. It is a sordid, scary story that is nevertheless uplifting, because it is told from the point of view of middle-of-the-road Americans who found the courage to fight for what was right.”  Timothy Phelps,  coauthor, Clarence Thomas, Anita Hill and the story of a Supreme Court Nomination

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Anti-Cancer Health Strategies

❧ After scans using radioactive dye drink several glasses of cola because it contains phosphoric acid to encourage the body to exchange the radioactive phosphates for the non radioactive phosphates in cola.  This tip is taken from the book Your Life In Your Hands by Jane A. Plant, PhD. 

❧ Make it a habit to consume dark leafy vegetables every day.  These supply much needed minerals, are alkaline and detoxifying. 

❧ Avoid all forms of dairy. I know this sounds quite difficult, yet is now easier than ever to accomplish due to the wide variety of products now available that are dairy free and delicious. Dairy is avoided due to the naturally occurring growth hormones it contains that were intended for a calf. These growth hormones command cells to grow and grow fast. If you are a cancer patient all dairy in any form should be strictly avoided. Additionally, many dairy farms are located near nuclear power plants and have absorbed radiation into their milk. 

❧ Try to use natural products to clean your home such as vinegar, water, soap and lemons. For added abrasives baking soda works perfectly.  For more natural cleaning tips Readers Digest has a great article.  By using less chemicals we are preventing further toxicities from entering our bodies. 

❧ When using your cell phone never speak into the phone with it against your ear. Instead use in speaker mode. This is particularly important for children and young adults.  This type of radiation from cell phones has been proven to penetrate an inch into the skull. 

❧ Refrain from using any pesticides in your home. There are many natural alternatives now available that are safe without any hidden toxins.

❧ Devote time to learning about healthier lifestyles and diets. Due to an overburdened toxic load anything you do to become more natural will improve your health longterm.

❧ Read food labels. If there are ingredients that you do not understand and sound like chemicals do not buy them. Learn how to cook food from scratch. Its a lot easier than you think.  This article puts a new light on this whole subject.  Enjoy.

I leave you with a list of helpful links.

From vegetarian to paleo you have many options available regarding food and which road you choose to travel.  My only suggestion is to try going dairy free for at least 4 weeks.  One article had parents try dairy free for ten days to see if going without impacted their children. Almost all parents saw immediate improvement in their children’s behavior and chose to quit as a result.  There are many scientists and doctors recommending no dairy because it has been proven to impact many areas of health. 

Here’s the last link explaining why dairy is not good for you. 

All of these combined steps are to lessen toxic loads in the body. Since we are already very overburdened by environmental pollution anything you do to lessen this burden should be considered a major improvement. 



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