Two of my close friends died from adult onset Leukemia. That was all I knew about leukemia before my daughter was diagnosed.     P1000713_2

When my daughter, Emilie was getting sick we went to two emergency rooms and nothing was found.  She was getting very pale, with skin that was almost translucent, bruises that would not go away, leg pains and tiredness. In the third emergency room visit that particular doctor was more thorough, taking urine samples and blood. When the nurse came back the second time to take blood again, I knew something was terribly wrong.

The doctor came in, sat down and said leukemia. Those words hit me like a bullet and I instantly ran out of the room wailing loudly. I, acted like a lunatic and honestly I thought those words meant, “your daughter is going to die.”  Three medical staff ran after me, calmed me down and tried to convince me that leukemia is not a death sentence.

My point is that no matter what the diagnosis, it is understandable to have reactions. Don’t ever think you are crazy. My history is known as being pretty calm when it comes to emergencies and I am usually the rock that others rely upon, but not in this instance. Whatever reactions you have, know that it is a terrible shock to hear words that convey some terrible illness and especially the Big C. Contrary to popular psychobabble I think that it is perfectly normal to have emotions whether good or bad. As these help us to cope and handle emotional shocks and traumas.

If this is close to what you are going through regarding diagnosis, know that you are NOT INSANE – you can face and get through far worse than you ever dreamed. All of us have reserves of strength we do not usually tap into because we are not usually challenged.

Over time we did win this war against the alien invader (cancer) and that is why I decided to create this website. Think of this (me) as your coach, here to help you through your cancer travels with all the knowledge I gained through our own trip. Oh, the other reason I started this is I was sick to death of websites that were written by people who did not go through this experience themselves, 2., gave advice that was very shallow and not really a solution, 3. a bit unreal (you know like the people who can afford to go to China and see cancer specialists, paying for a specialized personalized program…)

I wanted things that made sense to help my daughter get through treatment not some patty cake crappy advice that was not worth much. Or better yet, some weird natural cures that make no sense but claim a cure! Those are illegal by the way. I hate those!

So dig in, you have a friend and coach here and you can contact me through this site if you need any additional research.



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