New Resolutions

I was able to sleep a whole night for the first time since the 4th of this month.  The result is that I feel exhausted.

Kayla is proud that she is able to use the commode and not having to wake us up at night. 

The teacher came today from the counties Home Bound Program.  Her name is Kate, and she is also a cancer survivor.  Lovely, lovely, lady.  She and Kayla hit it off instantly.  I was so pleased to find out about the home hound program the county offers as one of its services.  The teacher comes to your home four hours a week and teaches the child.  We lucked out and got a gem of a lady.

Spoke to Dr. S. and asked her point blank what can we expect in the next months.  My tone was angry because they never told me that Kayla would be yellow, ill and sleep for many hours a day.  Sometimes when she sleeps I check to see if she is alive.  Freaky!  Dr. S., said that the next months are rough.  The chemotherapy drug methotrexate causes mouth sores and by the time the mouth sores are gone the next treatment is due.  Kayla will get liver and kidney tests as these organs are taxed by the chemo.  She also said that Kayla will get better after the rough chemo.

My resolve is to keep researching solutions to the side effects and just keep going!  My mission is to keep Kayla as free of side effects as possible and also as happy as possible through this journey.  That is the best that I can do!

We started the B2 & B6 today and it seems to be working. We also started the Aronia berry juice.  This is a concentrate from the Aronia berry.  This berry is very high in natural antioxidants.  The doctors approve of juice or berry derived products.

Kayla tried to walk and sobbed in pain.  We resorted to light exercises in the bed with weight ball of 2 pounds.  This definitely lifted her spirit.  She did 10 reps of each exercise in bed.

While at the clinic today  we spoke to the Doctor about Versed, the forgetter drug that is no longer working for procedures.  The Marrow on Monday was very rough, the worst yet. (Picture above.)  It was decided to do all procedures in the Operating Room, and Kayla was adamant about this!  The medical staff tried to tell me that the bruising on her back is due to low blood counts but she has had procedures before with low blood counts and did not end up so bruised and sore for days.

Later I told Kayla that she is acting like an adult when she makes decisions about her medical care.  She asked me why and I explained that that is what adults do, decide what they want and that is what she did.  She was beaming about this.

Resolve; no more sadness!  From now on I am going to research all the drugs coming up in the treatment plan and figure out the alternatives before we start.  This way everything is prepared before hand!

One has to be prepared for anything when dealing with medical situations.  I am trying to not be surprised and prepared while giving her the best care possible.



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