My Story is Simple

NANCY’S STORY: September 24, 2009

My story is simple.


I found a lump in my right breast. I had no insurance and had worked for years pretty much as a volunteer assisting others in need, so the first thing was to get Medicare, which at 67, I was eligible for. Did all that and between Powell Cancer Center and Deb Witter’s help I am on the road to recovery.

As soon as I was diagnosed I began to do black and white Visionary Cartoons as I call them. I figured it was very important to create while undergoing treatment.

Also I love my wigs – the American Cancer Society gave me two. WOW! It’s the straight highlighted hair I always wanted. I get to create a new image.

V.FAT-CAT-223x300I’m very excited about the future of beating the cancer and creating art, which gives others a new viewpoint.

Here are some pieces of my art work.

Much Love,

Nancy Burton


Update 2015 I wanted to let you know I am still doing quite well as a six year survivor, going strong, working, enjoying life.


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