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Slippery Elm Bark

May 8th, 2011  |  Published in Uncategorized  |  3 Comments

Well the coffee experiment did not really work.  At least not enough to make any noticeable change for Kayla.  Instead we are using slippery elm bark powder put into hot water.  This herb is supposed to be excellent for the bowels and digestive track.  It also helps alleviate constipation.  We give it to Kayla twice a day.  So far so good.  The odd part is that Kayla likes it despite it looking pretty disgusting. 

This herb has many wonderful benefits.  Instead of writing an article about it Lance Armstrong’s website  has a very well written article about this herb and its many uses. 

I am just happy to have found something that is natural and beneficial instead of using the other product that is made with the same chemicals that make polyurithane.  I could have kicked myself for not researching the over- the- counter- laxative that we have used for many months!  Maybe you can learn from my mistake and research any medication (except chemo) BEFORE putting them in your mouth.  I excluded chemo because this class of drugs are known toxins and when you are faced with cancer I do not see other choices.  

That reminds me – I received an email through this website to contact a person via telephone. Instead I wrote to them and asked what this was about.  They in turn gave me a link to a website touting the latest miracle supplement.  I dutifully went through the whole site, then wrote No Thanks back to the person.  I gotta tell ya, when Kayla was very sick during her cancer treatment I was on the computer every spare moment trying to find answers.  It sickened me how many companies exist trying to make money off of the sick.  In some instances these websites charged at least triple for their products.  Just thinking about this makes me smoking mad!  

So here are your warning signs of crooks; 

The product is over priced.  

There are no valid medical studies backing outrageous claims.

Claims of cures – run for the hills!

Attacks medicine and standard medical therapy.

Claims of cancer treatment killing people. 

Sell lots of things together as a cure costing tons of $$$.


Unfortunately, diseases do kill people.  Cancer by itself can be deadly.  Until we have cooperation between medicine and complementary therapies the patient has to figure out things for themselves while these factions bad mouth each other. 

On this website I try to provide information and supplements to help the patient through their treatment.  No cures and expensive bull donkey are pushed!  Why have I done this?  Because when we were in the trenches of full on cancer treatment the side effects of chemo were at times, deadly.  I was forced to research and try to find answers to help my daughter through treatment, which we did successfully WITH our doctors.  I made them help me and forced them to look at medical studies on supplements, etc.  Armed with these they approved of my actions 99% of the time. The one time I was told no, I was given a full explanation as to why my proposal was not a good idea.  This method was fantastic for all of us. 

I hate intended and willful ignorance.  There is no excuse for it.  Yes, reading medical studies was hard. The first time, I sipped on straight rum to get me through it while having three medical dictionaries open on the Internet.  I wrote the definitions in the margins of the medical page and continued in this way for many, many pages.  Persistance paid off and now reading that stuff is not so hard.  I do not even need a drink.  (Anyone close to me will tell you I am not a drinker so you can imagine my stress level to sip straight rum!)

Here, I am asking you to do the same with your loved one or yourself.  It makes a difference and you will grow from the experience. 

Dive in and may your learning help ease any difficulties from treatment.



  1. Angela Tonks says:

    May 8th, 2013 at 4:54 pm (#)

    Just loved your tone. I am attuned to alternate and nutritional preventative approaches to health. My sister is fighting stage four non Hodgkin’s lymphoma with doctors and faith. Doing well. What we believe will heal us often does. After four months of chemo she is about to undergo four weeks of hospitalisation, really heavy chemo and steam cell therapy. I was looking for information on how she should use slippery elm, as the predicted side effects this time are extreme, and found your site. She is willing, we are winning, I just wanted to say how much your light shone in this piece. Happy journeying for you, your Kayla and all your tribe

  2. debwitter says:

    May 13th, 2013 at 8:47 pm (#)


    Did you get my email that I sent direct to you?


  3. debwitter says:

    July 18th, 2013 at 8:52 am (#)

    I understand your desire to help but I have found that during heavy chemo, especially in-house, doctors do not like herbs because there are too many variables. The hardest thing to get approval for was herbs. When I tried Slippery Elm it was on maintenance chemo, which is low dose chemo for many months. This is why I was able to get approval. The only thing that I think they would approve of during stem cell is L-glutamine. to get approval to use this you would use my page and print it out (its under a page titled Mouth Sores) and possibly acidophilus. I ask you to print out the page because it has the medical studies quoted validating its use. Without these you would have a hard time getting approval. On acidophilus, if it was not approved you could get it into the patient with a well made, low sugar yogurt.

    After stem cell recovery you would be able to implement many things to help rebuild strength and health.


    Deb Witter

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