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Escape through Books

Escape through Books

Friday April 11th, 2008. Vitamin Strike.

Kayla went on strike with the vitamins so she did not get any today. Honestly, I don’t really blame her because she is taking a lot of stuff.

She did her school work and exercise. Went to her pediatrician to see if she had any answers to Kayla’s leg situation. When we came back we had dinner and then played paddle pool. It was a lot of fun. Kayla is being a doll. To me this proves how detrimental TV is for kids. When she watches very little she is nice and mannerly. When she watches a lot of TV she becomes argumentative and rude.

Monday April 14th, 2008.

We went to the clinic and it turns out that Kayla’s ANC count is 100. This means we have to be isolated and she cannot get her chemo. When we got home I had Kayla take a nap because she had two hissy fits. She must have been tired because she fell asleep right away. While she slept I was sanitizing the house. It is amazing how many things we touch on a daily basis.  

It looks like Kayla will be on treatment for a year. This is such a bummer. I am trying to stay positive but it is not easy. This missed week of chemo just adds more time to the whole program. I decided to go see a chiropractor tonight because my foot is still hurting from the fall I had with Kayla in my arms.

Last night I finished The Freedom Writers Diary. What a fantastic, uplifting book. Now I started a book called Slave. Maybe it is not a good idea but these books are a good escape for me. I liked Slave because her circumstances were horrible and she could not believe who kidnapped her. It is inspiring to read about bravery. Most of the time I am reading clinical trials or researching vitamins, etc. So a regular book is a time that I just escape mentally. I am also reading Your Not Sick Your Thirsty, which has some really interesting information and Smart Patient book. All of these books are good! Your Not Sick Your Thirsty was a good reminder to make sure Kayla drinks enough water. Cancer patients or any patients with lots of medications need to hydrate more so than normal because of the drugs taxing their organs. Keeping yourself educated and inspired is like therapy. I highly recommend it.   







I called the clinic to set up our appointment for next week in the operating room for her spinal chemo. I am informed that none of the patients can go to the O/R (operating room) before 12:00 noon. That is just the policy. This makes no sense to me. Anytime I have been a patient all of my surgeries were done in the morning. I cannot recall a single time where I waited for hours. This is especially trying for kids to be without food for so long. The last time that Kayla was waiting she was crying of hunger by the time she was taken to the O/R. Perfect example of stupid bureaucracy making policy that discounts their public.








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