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Saturday February 2nd, 2008 

Some friends came over to play with Kayla and even though she was in a foul mood and did not want to play she eventually started to participate with her friends.  John brought over a $1,000.00 water machine that makes the water you drink alkaline.  He is loaning this machine to us.  There are some views that our bodies are very acidic and this leads to illness.  My idea is that the chemo makes Kayla’s system very acidic, we can smell it in her urine, it is quite terrible at times.  What a nice gift to help is out.  I appreciate this so much.  We just have to get it hooked up. I will let you know how this goes.

We messed around with Kayla’s wig and actually got a laugh out of her.  Kayla’s dad is the guy in the picture.We were all trying the wig on and playing rock music and pretending to be rock stars.  It was a riot. 

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008.  Today Kayla complained of nose pain and I decided to take a look inside her nose.  What a shock when I saw a large bloody sore.  Then I called AJ and asked her what to do, (AJ is a friend with a lot of experience with cancer) she told me to get AYR saline gel and cover the sore with that.  This protects the sore and keeps it from drying out and cracking.  This gel can be purchased at any drugstore and is very cheap. 

We are having Kayla drink the parsley water whenever she looks a bit yellow or experiences burning urine.  It works really well. The other thing that works is B6.

Monday, 4 February 2008.  It is our one month anniversary. Five more months to go!  Up early for clinic day.  Packed a large lunch so that she can eat as soon as she is out of the O/R.  The medical staff let me go

into the O/R until Kayla was asleep.  It is very creepy to see your child go under.  Especially with cancer because they already look sickly and then when they suddenly slump, they look like the life has left them.  Wow, that was really intense.  Creeped me out!

I asked the doctor about pain blockers for the neuropathy and the doctor said they cause more problems than actually help.  Not an option.

After surgery (really a procedure) Kayla woke up and I expected her to be very groggy but she was not.  Apparently when these procedures are done, lighter medication is used.  It is not as intense as a regular surgical procedure.  Everything went fine. this was the first time going into the Operating Room instead of doing the procedure in a regular room and getting Versed. That dreaded forgetter drug. The Operating Room turned out to be much less traumatic for Kayla. She loved it!

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